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"As a visitor to these islands I can only imagine what it would be like to live there. After two solid days of airliners, airports, traffic and crowds, the subtle charms of Ofu seemed anti-climactic. This palagi was a stranger in a strange land. But watching the waves on the reef, the sunset, the children playing on the grass, the chickens roaming around, the flying foxes circling the sky at dusk ... all of these images will be with me forever. Days of rainbows, nights filled with the brightest stars I've ever seen. When I first saw the Southern Cross rising in the night sky somewhere between my feet and Antarctica I knew I was in a place that was very, very special." (Visitor Terry Skaggs commenting about the Manu'a islands of American Samoa)
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    "Did you know that a US passport can get you to an isolated South Pacific paradise without even leaving US territory? From the US mainland, American Samoa is a longer trek than Hawaii, but the distance rewards the visitor with some of the most stunning, untouched beauty of the Pacific and a national park that even the most ardent park system fans won't have checked off their list yet. ... The best time to visit is Flag Day, April 17, when there are activities galore. This may be US territory, but it's some of the purest Polynesia you'll find anywhere."

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  • Ofu Beach, American Samoa

    "The beach at Ofu stretches for just over 2 miles, but the sheer beauty of this curve of sand and the relative emptiness of its shores make it one of the best beaches in the world"

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  • Ofu Beach, American Samoa is listed as one of five undiscovered beach destinations by Photos4travel Travel Guides

    "These beaches are quiet and secluded spots where you escape from the rigors of life any time of the year. Finding five undiscovered beaches in a world already filled with beaches, gives beach lovers more choices and the opportunity to walk on long unspoiled beaches filled with beauty and unending beach treasures." That quote is from Photos4travel Travel Guides creative director.

    "The first beach in this exclusive group sits halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii on the Manua Islands. The Manua Islands are part of American Samoa. American Samoa is pretty remote, but the Manua Islands are even less traveled. Sitting on the west coast of the volcanic island of Ofu, is Ofu beach, which is part of Samoa's National Park. Ofu Beach is a two mile stretch of finely graded coral sand. Right behind the beach is an unspoiled area of nothing but lush greenery, jagged slopes and palm trees swaying in the ocean breeze. Photos4travel has named Ofu the best undiscovered beach in the world. Ofu Island is private, secluded and is not commercialized in any way."

    "These undiscovered beaches were picked by us because of their beauty, swim ability and their isolation factor, as well as the fact that even some of the locals don't know about them."

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