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The purpose of this web page is to promote American Samoa as a viable tourist destination. The more information we can provide to the traveling public, the better they are informed about the unique features of American Samoa.


See Samoan Reference Guide for some basic Samoan words and phrases.

Church in Ta'u looking toward Ofu and Olosega islands (photo: Foua Tuala)


American Samoa consists of 6 volcanic islands and two atols totalling about 70 square miles. It's part of the United States; its southern most territory since 1900. Tutuila is the main island and the most populous. The Manu'a group, consisting of the islands of Ta'u, Ofu, and Olosega are remote islands which offer more relax surroundings. Rose Island is an uninhabited bird sanctuary under the protection of the United States government.

American Samoa Immigration Information

You may contact the office of the Attorney General in American Samoa at the following address and numbers:

Office of the Attorney General
Executive Office Building
Utulei, American Samoa 96799
Telephone: 1-684-633-4163/4164
Fax: 1-684-633-1838

British Foreign & Commonwealth Office
American Samoa Travel Advice

Terry, who maintained the Vaoto lodge website, has some useful answers, and tips, to travel questions about traveling to Manu'a, American Samoa.

  • How much should I pack?
  • What should I wear?
  • How do I get from [my home country] to American Samoa?
  • How much will airfare be?
  • Do I need a passport?
  • Can we fly to Pago Pago non-stop from the U.S. mainland or our home country?
  • What are the aiport codes for the international airports in American and Independent Samoa?
  • What's the weather like?
  • Will I need AC power adapters for my electronic gear?

Click here to see Terry's FAQ page.

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"The three small islands of the Manu'a group lie only 100km east of Tutu'ila, but in many ways, they are also 100 years away. As you arrive at Ofu, prepare for a jolt from both the time warp and the sensory overload you're certain to experience. Offering what is unquestionably the most stunning scenery in either Samoa..."
[An excerpt from 'Samoa' by Dorinda Talbot & Deanna Swaney, Lonely Planet publication]