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Trip Tips: Capturing the Memories of Your Vacation

(NewsUSA) - How many times have you taken a trip only to find that you can't recall it as vividly as you would like? Memories, especially ones from a busy vacation, just seem to have the tendency of fading away too quickly.

However, there are certain things that you can do to ensure more lasting recollections of your next trip. Though it's slower than flying, taking a road trip is a good way to start, because it provides a more intimate and thorough vacation experience.

When taking a road trip, here are some additional steps you can take to make the memories last:

  • Rock on. Rocks and sand may not seem like the most exciting souvenirs, but they'll serve as evocative reminders of the places you traveled to.

    Whether it's a stone from California's Red Rock Canyon or a pebble from the Pacific Northwest, a physical reminder of the land you visited should jog your memory well. Try to collect a memento from each state you traverse.

  • Let your memories cruise. With products such as an in-car camera mount by CruiseCam (, your entire trip can be recorded, hands-free.

    You may be surprised by the emotional resonance of filming your vacation's passing scenery; trips through sprawling countryside or breathtaking mountains may be especially fit for recording. The CruiseCam mount is light and easy to install, so even if you are renting a car, it is easy to bring along.

  • Keep a journal. In addition to filming the scenery and attractions of your vacation, carry a journal so that you can record all five of your senses. Noting the musty smell of the foliage in Vermont or the sounds of the locusts in Alabama can go a long way toward evoking vivid memories.

  • Send a postcard to yourself. Why should friends and family be the only ones to receive the postcards from your vacation? Sending yourself a postcard not only provides a convenient way to record your journal, it can also give you an opportunity to slow down, sit back and absorb some of the atmosphere of whatever town you're visiting.